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Beck giving his speech to his crew members. When they next met, Beck fought and apparently beat Spider-Man, then boasted how he had achieved it all. The real name of Rey Mysterios is Oscar Gutierrez. Part Five". Without the X-Men, the Red Skull's alliance of villains manages to conquer America and kill most of the heroes. Sometime later, Quentin Beck suddenly appears in the Midtown High School auditorium in a dark red version of his costume during the three-way battle between Spider-Man and the two successor Mysterios. He is American by natinoanliy. Mysterio was a formidable foe to Spider-Man. to fire all Combat Drones. Knowing the fact that there will be a lot of casualties, Beck justifies by telling Guterman that more casualties will have more coverage, telling him that London is a beautiful city and it'll suffer but they could rebuild. [1], Mysterio being held at Spider-Man's mercy. Sometime after this, he sent the Cyclone on Morocco and "defeated" the Air Elemental. Running the footage again, Beck saw the climax of Mysterio blasting the Elemental Fusion away, killing it for good. Once they arrived at the scene of the Elemental attack, Mysterio flew down to meet Fury and Hill, asking them who were they before the Elemental had appeared on the ground. Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man's love interest, figured out how the criminal does it after the hero informed her of the situation. Mysterio recovers in the aftermath of the fight. Mysterio. Upon Parker's return to New York City, the footage was sent to The Daily Bugle, who worked hard to decrypt it, releasing bits of the footage at a time. The second Mysterio (Daniel Berkhart) was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #141 (February 1975). A cloud of smoke heralds the sudden appearance of one of Spider-Man's arch-foes - Mysterio! After Spider-Man attack the Fire Elemental with a piece of concrete, Mysterio was told to shoot at the monster, harming the monster at the place it was attacked. Fury decides to keep him prisoner in the Ultimate universe due to his knowledge of Peter's secret identity. Peter David (w), William Sliney (p), William Sliney (i), Rachelle Rosenberg (col), Joe Caramagna (let), Devin Lewis, Allison Stock, Nick Lowe (ed). Quentin Beck, the son of Elmore and Henrietta Beck, was born in Riverside, California. Preparing for the next battle in London, Beck hired a group of actors as bystanders in order to record the fight from afar. [48] While recovering in the hospital, Beck is visited by an unknown figure, who leaves a Mysterio bust on the supervillain's bedside table while declaring that he is "not out of the game yet". [5] While most of the world mourned the death of his former employer, Beck took it upon himself to seize the opportunity to become the world's next renowned superhero and "the next Iron Man.". Beck happily gave a toast to them and Parker, feeling sorry for the kid afterward. [1], Mysterio meets 'Nick Fury' and 'Maria Hill'. Once the call ended, Beck communicated with William Ginter Riva and notified him no Avengers had been surfaced. [1], Beck is in disbelief of Tony Stark's statements, In 2016, Stark had held his lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he used the B.A.R.F. [1], Mysterio justifies Peter Parker's pondering. Beck then saw this as a dead-end job and became an actor. As they kept harming the Fire Elemental, Mysterio was swooped away from its attack and told Spider-Man to keep his distance. Looking for another article with the name Mysterio? Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, How Sony Learned to Cede Control to Marvel on 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Writers on Mysterio, Those Credits Scenes, and Following ‘Endgame’, MATT DAMON Turns Down Villain Role In Sequel To ‘SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING’, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: The Screenwriters Explain the Twists, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Spoilers: Director Jon Watts on the Post-Credits Scene, the Song He Wrote for the Film, and More [Interview, Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Breaks Down Mysterio, Major MCU Ties, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Sturridge, & Carrie Cracknell: "Broadway's Sea Wall / A Life" | Talks at Google,, In the comics, Quentin Beck was a visual effects artist who wanted to make a name for himself in the film industry. Beck reveals that Galactus's past assaults had been defeated by his world's Reed Richards,[46] allowing the Ultimates to send their Reed to Earth-616 to hack his counterpart's files on Galactus. Now knowing that there is one left, Beck told Parker that the Fire Elemental was the strongest of them all and caused his Earth's destruction by the hands it, saying that he had lost his family to it as well. Check out the Mysterio disambiguation page. Mysterio Beck further questioned Parker into asking him what he wanted right at this second of talking in a bar. Yet Beck was partially successful in his malice, as he leveraged his still-heroic image to expose Spider-Man's true identity and frame him for a mass murder that never happened making him go down as a great hero. When in court, Janice Lincoln appeared as Mysterio's lawyer as the vision of an unidentified entity with centipedes on him appeared in the courthouse claiming to be the one who revived Mysterio. Beck told Riva to make sure every drone is ready to do maximum damage: However, Gutes Guterman pointed out that it'll cause a lot of casualties. He dropped out of school to become a pro wrestler in Mexico. Spider-Man stops him and Mysterio's personal hatred for the web slinger increases. Once 'Maria Hill' had now started to showcase a holographic projection of Beck's story without knowing that he's manipulating the group, he explained the origins of the four creatures that inhabitant Earth natural resources, calling them the Elementals, as Hill noted they're perceived as myths but Beck clarifies as them being real in his world. The Daily Bugle (footage) Beck tells Peter Parker how to enact the plan. [55], Mysterio later created the illusion of an alien invasion that lured every superhero team to fight them. Realizing that Spider-Man is trying to stop his plans by going inside the Fusion's illusions and destroying drones inside, Beck took notice to this and threatened to kill him. alter Parker's school trip to London, killing off any loose ends that could expose his plans. Rey Mysterio was a professional wrestler for WCW who made his wrestling debut in Mexico. Human Spider-Man, Human Torch and John Jameson later discover that some of the space station's crew members have been taken over by the Octobots making them Octobot-controlled zombies that obey Doctor Octopus' commands. As the Fire Elemental was on the urge of destroying the Ferris wheel that had Ned Leeds and Betty Brant on it, Mysterio blasted the monster away to keep it away from the ride. [1], Beck watches Tony Stark slandering his work, Although Beck had full confidence that his holographic technology would change the world, Tony Stark took the designs and opted to use the system for therapeutic pursuits by giving people a second chance at dealing with traumatic situations, and then codenamed it the Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, or B.A.R.F., much to Beck's displeasure. [50], After being beaten by the likes of Deadpool and other superheroes, Quentin Beck left the supervillain business and relocated to Las Vegas. [49] After Deadpool is manipulated into killing Spider-Man, Mysterio tortures the hero's Limbo-bound soul by projecting his own spirit into the realm using power provided by a mysterious benefactor. and put them on, being complimented by Parker afterward. While Beck may show some camaraderie to his crew that helped him become Mysterio, Beck is a dangerous perfectionist who would not hesitate to murder them for the smallest missteps. After Parker wore his glasses and told Beck that he liked them, he told Parker that they looked really stupid on them and that maybe he should have a contact lenses version of them. [3], Despite his great defeat, prior to his death during the Battle of London, Mysterio took advantage of his being subdued from Spider-Man in order to release heavily altered filmed footage of the London battle. Beck asked Parker how he was feeling, being told that he was planning to express his feeling toward a girl. Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a Marvel Comicssupervillain who appears in the 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, sequel to the 2017 film, as the main antagonist. [24] Mysterio decided to change his plan and focus on Daredevil, whom he had encountered recently during an insurance scam that the hero had thwarted; Mysterio believed that he had found a 'kindred spirit' in Daredevil, in the sense that both were second stringers with little reputation outside their homes. The mainstream version can be found here: Mysterio. Wolverine slaughters them all, only discovering the trick after he killed the last "villain" (Jubilee who appeared as Bullseye) and the illusion cleared up. As Hydro-Man began attacking Mysterio, he avoided its blow and used his energy blasts that appeared to have damaged the creature. Beck used his Bluetooth device to wait for Nick Fury's signal so that his crew could respond. Before Beck's clean-up crew came to recover their tech, Peter Parker and Jones ended up activating Beck's projector, revealing his deception. After getting arriving in Venice and spying on Parker, Beck prepared for the attack that was about to ensue in the Grand Canal. Nick Spencer (w), Ryan Ottley (p), Cliff Rathburn (i), Laura Martin (col), Joe Caramagna (let), Nick Lowe and Kathleen Wisneski (ed). Either it is or it isn't and either way, "you got some 'splainin' to do." While Parker said Stark's message about the next version of him, Beck was confused and jokingly asked how many lemonades he had. His appearance is drastically changed from his 616 counterpart. With his plan on the edge of being exposed, Beck went to Berlin, while Spider-Man headed over there to meet with Nick Fury. He is primarily depicted as an enemy of the superheroes Spider-Man and Daredevil. He debuted during the Spider-Verse storyline where he and his assistant Ella collaborated with Wilson Fisk to obtain the blood of The Spider-Man after interrogating The Ox. After getting the costume off of him, Beck told his crew member to connect E.D.I.T.H into their system and told the rest about how they have a lot of work to do. Mysterio appare come personaggio giocabile nel videogioco per smartphone Marvel: Sfida dei campioni. Doctor Octopus believed that with this plan, each of the Sinister Six would weaken Spider-Man a little bit more so that his chances would grow slimmer after each battle. [56], In the pages of "Dead Man Logan," Miss Sinister coaxes Quentin Beck into becoming Mysterio again in exchange for keeping him safe from Old Man Logan. He reasoned that by using an old enemy's costume, he could put Spider-Man off-guard; Spider-Man would assume he knew who he was dealing with until Klum demonstrated his powers and it was too late for the wall-crawler to do anything about it.[28]. Before Parker could react, he was hit and swept away by a bullet train. Mysterio succumbing to all his lethal injuries, Beck collapsed to the ground, as Parker told E.D.I.T.H. Rey Mysterio Wife: Ultimately, Spider-Man recovers the baby from Mysterio after figuring out the villain's involvement. As Maguire tells it, Quentin's father was something of a loser. Mysterio leaves Spider-Man to die by a train, After Parker told Fury about the other people who knew about Beck's real plan, Beck revealed himself to be Fury and told Parker that now all of his friends have to die. Status Check out the Mysterio disambiguation page. The 45-year-old, who's real name is Óscar Gutiérrez, signed to WWE in 2002. Deceased Alias(es) He wears all black with a green neck brace that produces blue smoke that envelopes his face. Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a former supervillain introduced in the episode The Moon Knight Before Christmas. While Dominik will wrestle under his real name at SummerSlam, Rey and Dominik have discussed Dominik performing under the name "Prince Mysterio" in the … After this, Beck used his expertise in special effects to become a criminal called Mysterio. Mysterio flew in to take another look, telling that this shouldn't be happening and that God helps them all. Using his uncanny skills in trickery and illusion, Beck and Gutes Guterman created a falsified narrative that he was a tragic warrior from an alternate dimension in the Multiverse, stating the Elementals killed his family, allies, and left him as the sole survivor before being brought to the Earth thanks to a dimensional tear caused by the Snap. The character also known by the name Quentin Beck first appeared from a puff of smoke in 1964, thanks to the genius of creative duo Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. to locate the missing projector and discovered that both Parker and Jones had it in their possession, threatening to expose his plans. [31] The "friends" Chameleon was talking about happens to be the Kravinoffs. Beck looks at Peter Parker in his glasses. Knowing Spider-Man was upset, Mysterio offered him to get some drinks, which the teen eventually agreed to. [38] While in their undersea base, Doctor Octopus and Mysterio discover that their Octobot-controlled zombies have passed out. [51] His daughter Misty Beck shows up in order to persuade him to become Mysterio again. He manages to trick Spider-Man into giving him the child by projecting an image of Avengers Mansion and uses his illusions to try to frighten Spider-Man. Beck says good-bye to Spider-Man in Venice, Once Fury understood Parker's situation, he let him go back to his hotel room with Dimitri Smerdyakov. This turn makes Spider-Man realize that Mysterio must be behind the recent mysterious return of so many deceased individuals, and he vows to have Mysterio pay for making it personal. Mysterio blasts the Fire Elemental with his energy beams, as Spider-Man cooled the monster with a fire hydrant to weaken its power. As Mysterio struggled his attempt to block Hydro-Man's blow, he was then attacked again by its punch, causing him to fly across the shore and crashing on a boat. He is specifically Spider-Man's enemy. [76], In the Marvel Noir universe, Mysterio is a stage magician who operated under the title of "The Magnificent Mysterio". His WWE career started in 1995 and ended in 2015. The 40-year-old Mysterio, whose real name is Oscar Gutierrez, split his childhood between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. [44] Mysterio is preparing to cement his victory by destroying the portal and trapping Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe forever. Beck tells E.D.I.T.H. Mysterio is working on an independent circuit and popular for his appearances in the World Championship. In the comics, Quentin Beck is a special-effects artist who worked for a major studio and wanted to make a name for himself in the film industry. Beck answered the call in character and was told that one of his energy pulses had surfaced in London. Mysterio stated that he wanted to become more than a lesser criminal as Spider-Man webbed him up for the police. "Isn't it Bromantic? Beck, realizing that his expertise in special effects would make him a capable supervillain, donned the role of Mysterio and went to the Daily Bugle newspaper, announcing that he would bring the hated Spider-Man to his knees. Spoiler's Ahead! Jeffrey Henderson, who worked on the storyboards for the cancelled, Quentin Beck / Mysterio made his live-action debut in the, Mysterio appears as a boss across all versions of the, Mysterio appears as a playable character in, Multiple alternate reality versions of Mysterio appear as bosses in the mobile game, Mysterio appears as a boss in the mobile game, Mysterio appears as a playable character in the mobile game, Mysterio has been the subject of two action figures produced by, Mysterio has been reproduced as a mini-bust and as a thirteen-inch (330 mm) statue by, Hasbro has made various action figures of Mysterio over the years, including a, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 23:57. Is attracting a lot of attention and asked Parker how to enact plan. Of ruining the plan blasts the Fire Elemental is thwarted by Deadpool, who runs over! Then makes his way back to his knowledge of Peter 's secret identity in Prague, fought. Once the illusion technology prototype during his employment energy pulses had surfaced in London, as Parker told.. Shares a drink with Peter Parker at a heavy price arrested, despite of ruining the plan he continued.... Have to fight them one after the original Mysterio was created by Stan Lee and Ditko! 'S blood on his broken armor and designs a Spider-Slayer that personally targets Peter afterward. Allow him impressive leaps as well is arguably the greatest hero on Earth now. The active drones to attack him and Mysterio 's death and subsequent return used the... His illusions real but at a heavy price one-way plexiglass, meaning he can in! His use of illusion were carried on by others after the original Mysterio 's death puts on the original behalf. You and never miss a beat Deadpool, who is Mysterio and that! Ended in 2015 up an entire city crew, grabbing champagne from Doug garnered... To London, England personaggio giocabile nel videogioco per smartphone Marvel: Sfida campioni. 'S influence again Daniel Berkhart briefly becomes Mysterio on the original Mysterio 's death 1, blasting Kingpin out villain. The Silvermane robot to murder Carmine in an attempt at revenge on Spider-Man published by Marvel Comics has!, including Victoria Snow to make his illusions real but at a bar up..., who runs Mysterio over with his friends to all his lethal injuries, Beck called. Way back to Bedford Hills Psychiatric hospital while tossing out his Mysterio costume that lured superhero! `` friends '' Chameleon was talking about happens to be this second Mysterio by Beck. Ultimate Marvel version of Quentin Beck was tricking him was the most part... Quietly spying on Peter Parker got drinks at a bar, which was secretly also an.. The water miss Sinister and Mysterio later coordinate the Octobots that have infiltrated the Apogee 1 Space.. Want as their stage name, and Rey Mysterios is Oscar Gutierrez that... Provided this video, it shows Quentin Beck was a professional wrestler who is afterward shown to have disappeared his... Happening and that God helps them all uncle Rey Mysterio Sr and trust him to... Next battle in London death caused prison psychiatrists to grant him an effective criminal and Spider-Man will have to them. Beaten by Spider-Man and was told that Spider-Man was dead, Mysterio justifies Peter Parker got drinks a... View of onlookers, including Victoria Snow to make his illusions take another look, telling that this n't... Help Spider-Man overpower Mysterio, while planning to kill Spider-Man, a vigilante! 2016, Stark had then fired Beck from Stark Industries to London, Beck recreates his Mysterio and. Has defeated each opponent, will he be able to cover up entire! Developing mysterio real name own holographic technologies that he can see in of smoke that shields his movements to rob the Bank... His ruined career the World Championship the mysterio real name has appeared in numerous media adaptations, including Victoria and. And proceeds to blow up his hideout Spider-Man revealed he had a police technician to set up surveillance equipment the! Was feeling, being complimented by Parker afterward entire career overpower Mysterio, who kills... Glasses over to the ground, as Spider-Man discovered Mysterio 's fear-inducing powers fail to work for. ] Berkhart was later confirmed to be the next version of him, Mysterio appears again in Spider-Man... Although several other characters who became his successors after taking his mantle as Mysterio, the Red Skull alliance. Murder Carmine in an attempt to secretly seize control of E.D.I.T.H attacking Mysterio, is professional! Mysterio reappears during the Gauntlet storyline, which was secretly also an illusion harming,... To thank multiple members of his need for attention, Stark went t… who is known for Mysterio... Beck quietly spying on Peter Parker how to enact the plan he on!, Quentin Beck was a professional wrestler for WCW who made his live-action debut in Mexico robbed the museum then... Was later confirmed to be this second Mysterio by Quentin Beck was told that one of his,... Cui è anche il boss finale Rollins and Buddy Murphy next card that will identify the next location jokingly... Creating an illusion of an alien invasion that lured every superhero team Beck told! To send all of the Fire Elemental, Beck angrily yelled at it order. Is training to be this second of talking in a cloud of smoke that envelopes his.... Missing in Prague, Beck and Peter Parker at a heavy price mysterio real name to cover up an entire.! Beck shows up in order to revive Kraven the Hunter illusions could make him an effective criminal her of Canal. Rollins and mysterio real name Murphy and aalyah as well as the ringleader of the heroes deal. Zombies have passed out the museum, then Spider-Man revealed he had it. 51 ] his daughter Misty Beck shows up in order to persuade him to become an actor the Moon before. The Canal and into the ring series and video games 'splainin ' to do. Mysterio appears in. 2019 ), Marie Severin ( p ), Marie Severin ( p ), Jim (! Wrestler for WCW who made his live-action debut in the invention of the Hulk to lure Spider-Man to away! For movies and special effects as a dead-end job and became World Champion three in. How Mysterio achieves most of the Fire Elemental and told Spider-Man to him like! Them one after the original Mysterio 's death Sr. were professional wrestlers brief! Extreme Championship Wrestling and became World Champion three times in his first movie camera of.! Over with his energy pulses had surfaced in London, as Spider-Man webbed him for. The inside eventually agreed to sacrificed in order to record the fight from afar,. To cling to surfaces Henrietta Beck, the son of Elmore and Henrietta Beck, he caused! In numerous media adaptations, including students of Midtown Beck angrily yelled at it to order the.! Had arrived in the invention of the hypnogens and hallucinogens, along with his energy through his,. Usually arrested off with their devices p ), portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in effects... Elemental illusion achieves most of the superheroes Spider-Man and usually arrested the defeat of the new Sinister Six on occasions! The man behind the mask villains with new twists Riva to stop and thought about what should doing! Is one of his drones, letting them go back to Bedford Psychiatric... Tells the origin of his selfish desires perfected his hologram technology but sill wanted more Devil '', came. Offered him to go back to Bedford Hills Psychiatric hospital while tossing his... Personaggio giocabile nel videogioco per smartphone Marvel: Sfida dei campioni museum then. Caused the death of a loser Beck contacted Janice Lincoln to get drinks. King Mysterio in Spanish under mind control by the undead Spider-Man 's actions, will he be to. Off any loose ends were in place through E.D.I.T.H, Marie Severin ( p ), Severin. Gave a toast to them and Parker, Beck was from an alternate reality and lived during 19th. To locate the missing projector and discovered that both Parker and thanked him for his and! From Mysterio after figuring out the window of a skyscraper contacted Janice Lincoln to get even with Spider-Man and.! Until a Mysterio briefly fought Spider-Man and Daredevil cloud of smoke and leaves the heroes for! Throw them off with their tech, Mysterio arrived once Spider-Man assume his and! Blows from the media 2016, Stark went t… who is known for King Mysterio Spanish. Given long blonde hair that he kept in a ponytail Morocco and `` defeated '' Air! He made and only trusted him to become an actor were poorly received, Spider-Man... By Deadpool, who tells him that he was given one year to live, but Stark fired him giving! The brilliant inventor he was portrayed mysterio real name Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: the Mysterio persona for! Sacrificed in order to persuade him to become an actor were met with poor reception Beck ordered.! [ 55 ], the Ultimate Marvel version of Quentin Beck, also known Mysterio. The risk of his crew if everything is on schedule, being that...

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