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Watch out for the Current Season. Time limit is exhausted. Please reload CAPTCHA. Can crossbow hunters and vertical-bow hunters coexist? Your email address will not be published. During Vermont's 2016 archery season 1,110 deer were reported killed with a crossbow, according to the state's Deer Project leader. Handicapped hunters are allowed to use crossbows in South Dakota during archery season. Source: Pennsylvania Game Commission. Hunting with crossbows is legal in Pennsylvania during the archery deer and bear seasons. Crossbow hunting in Maine is legal to anyone 16 years or older, as long as you have a valid big game hunting license or an archery license. In the United States, crossbow laws are set at a state level. New Jersey's Division of Fish & Wildlife site has more information. Here are our picks for the best states for crossbow hunting in the West, but first a little background. Washington has a slightly stricter disability clause than other states, requiring hunters to have a permanent, non-operable upper extremity disability, signed off by a physician. (function( timeout ) { Each state has its own regulations and laws when it comes to crossbow hunting for deers. #2. If you're a certified mobility impaired hunter, you can legally use your crossbow during all hunts. Otherwise, crossbows are limited to those who have a documented disability, or those 62 years or older. Crossbows are legal in Minnesota during the firearm, turkey, and bear seasons. Crossbows are legal in Kansas during archery deer seasons. You can use crossbows to hunt in Texas during archery seasons. Each Canadian province has set their own rules about crossbow legality. For specific crossbow regulations in North Dakota, visit the North Dakota Game And Fish Department. We provide information regarding requirements,  a quick overview of the State’s crossbow regulatory history, as well as any vital requirements and restrictions that may apply. As such, information you read in this section should never be considered to be the equivalent of legal advice, and we do not accept responsibility in case this information proves inaccurate or outdated. Code: Article: Section: Code: Section: ... BB device as defined in Section 16250 of the Penal Code, crossbow, bow and arrow, or a trap or other contrivance designed to be, or capable of being, used to take birds or mammals, or to discharge a firearm or BB device or to release an arrow or crossbow bolt into a game refuge. Poison may not be used on arrows. can I use a crank? Can u shoot a deer in the backyard, city limits with crossbow, in the appropriate season. A MassFishHunt profile. 23 Crossbow Hunting Information 31 "Accessibility for All" by Josh Carney 32 Permission Granted! Whether it’s legal to use laser scopes or not. Some other states allow only people with a disability to hunt with crossbows. Sponsored by Rep. Tim Theriault (R-79), the bill expands crossbow hunting opportunities during the archery seasons … Big game hunters who are aged 12 to 29 have to be certified in Nebraska's Bowhunter Education. })(120000); Mississippi's wildlife, fisheries, & parks website offers more information regarding their crossbow laws and regulations. ALABAMA – LEGAL. Written certification from a physician. This would permit the use of a crossbow during the entire deer bow season in all counties. Wyoming allows the use of crossbows during archery seasons. Handicapped hunters with a permit have expanded rights in New Hampshire. 4 Answers. No size restrictions. The following are crossbow requirements in Kentucky: Source: Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife. The law allowing crossbow use across the state is not perfect. Below is a summary of crossbow hunting regulations in the United States. State-Approved Content As a course provider approved by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, the Maine Crossbow Course covers everything you may need to know in order to be safe. California Law >> >> Code Section Code Section. I live in Cockeysville, MD in a row of townhouses. An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting. H.3866 191st (Current) An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting. Longbows, compound bows, or recurved bows. Crossbow Hunting during Big Game Firearms Seasons • The West Virginia State Legislature legalized the use of crossbows during big game (i.e., deer, bear, wild boar and wild turkey) firearms seasons. They even include phone numbers to state officials if you need more clarification regarding what the crossbow laws are in your state. Crossbows are not allowed for taking elk. Relevance. US CROSSBOW HUNTING REGULATIONS Updated 05/13/2013. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife states: “To be eligible to purchase a crossbow hunting permit, you must hold a valid big game hunting license or an archery license and must submit proof of having successfully completed an archery hunting education course and a crossbow hunting course or satisfactory evidence of having previously held adult archery and crossbow hunting permits in this state or any other … We have a really small backyard and were in townhouses and we just moved in December of 2019. Crossbow users would be required to take the state's bowhunter safety course before heading out to hunt with a crossbow, Currently, crossbow users must read about crossbow … (Laws By State) Right now Washington has changed the regulations to some extent. Rules regarding hunting with crossbow vary by state. Moreover, limited time for crossbow use and the arbitrary difference in the legal setback distances for discharge of vertical bows (150 feet from certain structures) and crossbows (250 feet) unnecessarily constrain effective use of crossbows for deer management throughout the state. 11 States: Legal in firearm season. • Hunters must be properly licensed to hunt with a crossbow during the respective big game firearms seasons.  +  Crossbows cannot be used to hunt anything — big game or small — in Nassau, Suffolk … How to complete the online crossbow training course: 1. Below is a summary of crossbow hunting regulations in the United States. Crossbows must have at least a 125-pound pull and a mechanical safety. It is, however, legal to use a crossbow during any modern firearms season. New York State is the only state that has a 17 inch minimum width of a crossbow. Each state has its own laws regulating hunting requirements and the hunting season. Crossbows in Rhode Island used to be classified as a firearm, but they are now classified the same as other archery bows. Make sure your state falls into the category of states that allow crossbow deer hunting on the link here. Check Minnesota's DNR site for more info. A crossbow can only be used in Arizona for hunters who have been deemed to have a physical disability stopping them from hunting with a normal bow, under law R12-4-216. Louisiana allows the use of crossbows if you have an archery license. NOTE: This article is a guide to help point you in the right direction. //

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